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All About Allison!

Allison Hade is a Photographer based in the Midwest, mainly in the triangle formed by Chicago, IL , Milwaukee, WI and Rockford, IL. She spends a majority of her time knitting, cooking and traveling the world! In addition to Weddings, Portraits and Engagement photos she is a Music Photographer as well.

Allison's photos have been featured in publications like The Shepard Express, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Rock River Times and many other online publications. She has also provided photography services for The Rave-Eagles Club, HARMAN International and Summerfest. 

"I like making memories. Memories are what count the most in life - more than that pair of shoes or the latest tech. Memories never go out of style either and that is what i am in the business of. I want to help capture the best and most important moments of your life. I love helping others and i want to help you!"

Want to work together? Just submit the form below with as much information as you can give me and ill get back to you within 24 hours!

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